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RTI Biologicals

A High Yield, Low Input

Approach to Sustainable Crop & Plant Management.

An introduction to plant biologics.



International (RTI)

About Us

Always striving to find new ways to improve

sustainable horticultural practices with the use of beneficial soil microbes. RTI, a data-driven company, has developed a reputation for producing highly active and cost effective microbial inoculants. 




Mycorrhizal Fungi

Soil biology provides a background of billions of microbes, mostly friendly to the plant in every ounce of healthy soil. Mycorrhizal fungi make up about 80% or more of the weight and biomass of all the beneficial microbes in the soil.

2015 WSU Onion Study

In 2015, a study was conducted by Washington State University to evaluate the effects of commercial arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) products on onion growth. Most impressive was that MYKOS-treated plants had 82% AMF root colonization.


Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria

Growth Promoting Microbes

AZOS, our brand of Azospirillum brasilense, is a nitrogen-fixing bacteria that can provide up to 70% of the nitrogen required by plants, greatly decreasing the need for additional nitrogen applications.

2017 Mexico Field Trials

In 2017, RTI began field trials with several farmers and crops in various locations around Jalisco, Mexico. The value in RTI's mycorrhizal inoculants was found quickly when plants began to perform better overall compared to controls and several competitors. 

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