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2017 Mexico

Field Trials

As farmers strive to find new ways to increase their crops yields while maintaining sustainable practices, RTI-Ag has the answer to both of these needs. Mycorrhiza is not a new technology but there have not been very affordable and biologically viable sources for farmers until now. RTI-Ag has 20 plus years working with this biotechnology that allows farmers to explore new heights in crop production.


MYKOS® mycorrhizae are most effective when applied directly to the roots of plants. RTI-Ag MYKOS® is available in granular, wettable powder (WP) and in gel, offering many options suitable to various agricultural crops and methods.


In 2017, RTI-Ag began field trials with several farmers and crops in various locations around Jalisco, Mexico. The value in RTI-Ag's mycorrhizal inoculants was found quickly when plants began to perform better overall compared to controls and several competitors. 


Mexico is one of the largest fruit and vegetable producers in the world, from peppers and corn to sugar cane and avocados. Peppers, along with the crops prior listed, are all great hosts for RTI-Ag's MYKOS® mycorrhizae.


Nursery pepper seedlings colonized with MYKOS® WP are found to have a greater root mass than the control. At an application rate of one pound per acre of RTI-Ag MYKOS® WP, the MYKOS® root systems are superior to the control and two other competing brands. Once mycorrhizae are incorporated into the roots, it will continue growing with the life of the plant.


As MYKOS® colonizes the roots, it is able to mine for nutrients that are not readily available for roots to absorb. Helping break down more nutrients, MYKOS® efficiently utilizes the soil with significant savings in fertilization frequency. 


MYKOS® has also shown to increase plants' drought tolerance. MYKOS® creates a sponge-like mass around the roots, helping plants retain moisture longer. As seen in the two photos, 22 days without water has significantly impacted the control acres as the MYKOS®-colonized acres thrive under these stressful conditions.


The MYKOS® biology promotes greater efficiency and a stronger root mass as more nutrients and water are made available to the roots. With the increased amount of nutrient absorption, subsequent vitamin concentrations found within the foliage fruits and vegetables were greater than that of the control. The enriched foliage has found to deter pests, as shown in the two photos below of the corn foliage.


Overall, it is easy to distinguish the crops that are colonized with RTI-Ag's MYKOS® WP; they are healthier and more efficient in many aspects compared to crops that are not.  

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