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2015 WSU

Onion Trials

2015 Washington State University Onion Study

In 2015 a study was conducted by Washington State University to evaluate the effects of commercial arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) products on onion growth. Most impressive was that MYKOS®-treated plants had 82% AMF root colonization while the control plants and those treated with other products had a fraction of a percent root colonization at most. The extensive colonization that occurred meant that the MYKOS-treated onion plants had a superior ability to access nutrients and moisture.


Onion plants that had been inoculated with MYKOS also exceeded control plants and onion plants that had been treated with other AMF products in shoot height, shoot dry weight, and foliar nutrient content. Upon observation, MYKOS-treated onion plants were also darker green than those in other plots. These results can be directly related back to the fact that AMF root colonization was so much greater for plants that had been treated with MYKOS.

Because MYKOS is a single-species product, it does not have to compete with other, less beneficial mycorrhizal fungi species for space and resources, thus allowing for maximum root colonization.

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