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2014 Hawaiian Super Sweet Corn Trial

2014 Hawaiian Super Sweet Corn Trial

A study conducted by the University of Hawaii used different feeding regimens to compare corn growth. Standard fertilizer rates were used on one plot while treatments consisting of different proportions of fertilizer and commercially available microorganisms were used on other plots.



After 3 months, corn grown with MYKOS® and 50% of the standard amount of fertilizer had produced a crop that was comparable in height, biomass, and number and size of fruits, to corn, is grown using 100% fertilizer. This was the case even though the growing conditions were not ideal.



Corn grown using MYKOS was also more successful than corn grown using our competitors’ products in equivalent respective proportions.



Ultimately for the farmer, being able to produce a crop using half of the fertilizer that is standard is an obvious economic benefit. Additionally, this means a reduction in the number of synthetic inputs going into the environment.

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