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2018 Mexico

Field Trials

Starting at the end of 2017, RTI-Ag began field trials with several farmers and crops in various locations around Jalisco, Mexico. With the success of RTI-Ag's mycorrhizal inoculants in the use of Corn, Pepper, and Tomato row crops in previous growing seasons, further research trials were then placed going into 2018.


MYKOS® mycorrhizae are most effective when applied directly to the roots of plants. RTI-Ag MYKOS is available in granular, wettable powder (WP) and in gel, offering many options suitable to various agricultural crops and methods. When MYKOS WP is an easy and effective way to colonize an established plant in its final home. 


Fungal networks of hyphae colonize plant roots helping access more nutrients and moisture than an uncolonized root system. As mycorrhizae work as an extension of the plant roots, these microscopic fungi can tap into much smaller pores where root hairs are normally too large to reach.

The effects of a mycorrhizal colonization on tomato and pepper row crops are clearly visible when you have the ability to see the root system. With the mycorrhizae working as an extension of the root system, plants have an easier time to establish themselves. Notice below in this tomato, the roots colonized with MYKOS WP show a significant amount of secondary root growth compared to the control on the left. With added root development, plants are able to work most efficiently by utilizing the nutrients available within its rhizosphere.

Corn Field Trials




It is easy to distinguish the crops that are colonized with RTI-Ag's MYKOS WP; not only is the root mass larger, but they also appear healthier and more efficient with their nutrient management.


Tomato Field Trials





rti ag mexico pepper trials 2018.jpg
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